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Open Positions at the Diefenbacher Lab

  • We are recruiting and invite highly motivated early career researchers to join us in Munich! 
  • There are currently open positions available for PhD candidates interested in:
  1. Do you want to help us overcome the immune evasive state of lung cancer? As therapy evasion presents a challenge in the clinics that severely impacts patient survival, we aim at identifying new ‘druggable’ targets and novel modes of therapy by using pre-clinical models of lung cancer. To this end, we identified putative immune modulators which are essential to mask tumour cells towards the host immune system. Let's challenge these factors together.
  2. Are you intrigued by genetics and cancer and want to develop new models to study early and late stage processes of lung cancer? Join us to design and build pre-clinical patient surrogate tumour models,  murine and patient-derived organoid and in vivo systems with CRISPR gene editing. Projects are at the intersection between biochemistry and clinical research, as we strive to develop ‘toolboxes’ to identify novel exploitable vulnerabilities in solid tumours.

If you are a Postdoc and eager to expand your network and skill set, while contributing and extending our line of work:

  • Postdocs are welcome to join our lab. Postdoctoral applicants will receive support to apply for own funding.
  • Please contact Prof. Dr. Diefenbacher if you are interested.

Our research environment

The Diefenbacher Lab offers a modern and international working space in a stimulating research environment that includes the Helmholtz Center, the Comprehensive Pulmonary Center, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Biomedical Campus Munich, the Gene Center and the Max Plank Center for Biochemistry among others. All our doctoral candidates are enrolled in the LMU Ph.D. program to guarantee a high quality standard in their doctoral studies.